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HL Display revolutionises shelf management

Reducing labour costs and increasing sales has just become easier for retailers, with the launch of the innovative new Multivo™ shelf management system from HL Display.

Multivo makes the daily work of restocking, front facing and planogram changes easier and faster. The solution also allows automatic fronting of more packaging types than ever before. Fronting can be either automatic, utilising integrated pushers, or manual simply by using a pull strip to bring product to the shelf edge, providing a high level of flexibility and ensuring optimum product visibility at all times.

In addition, planogram changes can be made without even removing products from the shelf, saving time and making the process of updating displays in line with new product launches and promotions far more efficient.

In addition, Multivo has an optional built-in low stock indicator (LSI), which is triggered when stock is low giving the retailer an early warning of stock-outs and potential loss of sales.

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