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EU receives SDEA seal of approval


25 May 2016

A recent survey of SDEA members revealed that over three quarters of respondents felt that remaining in the EU would be the best result for their businesses.

When members were asked what result would be in the best interests of their organisation with regard to the upcoming EU referendum, the answer was very decisive - 80 per cent voted in favour of remaining in the EU, whilst only 12 per cent voiced a desire to leave and 8 per cent were undecided.

When asked what result would be in the best interests of the UK economy with regard to the forthcoming EU referendum very little shift in opinion was registered. 76 per cent of SDEA members voted to remain in, just 12 per cent of companies indicated that leaving the EU would be better for the UK economy and a further 12 per cent remained undecided.

“This was an overwhelming result in favour of remaining in the EU. The comments received from our members clearly indicate the significant amount of business they conduct with companies in the EU, both importing and exporting”, reports Director, Lawrence Cutler. He continues, “Our members clearly value these partnerships and the business they bring and that voting to stay in will secure those good trading relationships for the future.”



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