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Colourful new identity captures the mood as SDEA growth strategy moves up a gear

17 March 2014

Just as the key to effective retail display and visual merchandising is getting noticed, so it is for the Shop and Display Equipment Association, which has just taken an important step in its strategy for continued growth and success.

This long-established organisation owes much of its raison d’etre to a unique expertise in matching the needs of Europe’s foremost buyers of retail display equipment with the UK’s premier designers, manufacturers and suppliers from that sector. As such, the SDEA certainly doesn’t want to risk hiding its light under a bushel, which is why it has just taken the bold decision to implement a bright and colourful new identity.

“The Association is essentially a portal through which buyers and suppliers make contact and do business”, said SDEA Director Lawrence Cutler. “Our decision to commission a new identity was not taken lightly, given that the old logo had served us well over many years.

“However, there has been a growing feeling among the Association’s members that we should spearhead the next phase of our growth strategy by reflecting the fact that display is a colourful and vibrant element of successful retailing – certainly in the way it is practised by SDEA member companies. The new logo achieves that objective and my colleagues and I are looking forward to implementing it across the very wide range of marketing and communications resources for which we are responsible”.

Among the most significant resources in the SDEA’s marketing programme is its website, which provides the vital ‘portal’ for increasing numbers of retail buyers every year. The Association’s Directory, published annually, is also widely recognised as a primary source of information and contacts within the display sector. Both are high on the list for revision in line with the new identity.

“The success of our growth strategy depends on the SDEA continuing to be regarded as the essential link in the purchasing process as far as current and future generations of retail display buyers are concerned”, commented SDEA President Chris Shoebottom. “We are motivated by the challenge and excited by the way this vibrant new identity catches that mood. The strap line that forms part of it, ‘Bringing out the best in retail’, could hardly be more appropriate”.

SDEA members receive numerous additional benefits as part of their subscription. As well as companies involved in retail display, the Association welcomes applications from those specialising in related areas such as lighting, point-of-sale and signage.



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