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Disney store comes to life thanks to Propability and Flourish Trading

In partnership with the teams at Disney Store, Propability and sister company Flourish Trading have delivered an immersive Savannah-themed area for the Oxford Street, Disney Store basement that brings the new The Lion King film to life in store. An incredibly rich shopping experience includes a soundscape, as well as an interactive photo opportunity. Life-like foliage indigenous to the Savannah frames the area – tempting shoppers through an archway and encouraging the merchandise off the shelves. Customers are immediately drawn in by a Savannah foliage-rich archway entrance into The Lion King area. Flourish Trading, sourced all foliage for the area which forms a large aspect of the immersive look and feel, with
fire-rated life like grasses, ferns and plants.

The arch itself used approximately 15 square metres of foliage with metal-grid tiles, all needing to be cut to fit - taking over 50 hours to apply and dress. The foliage includes river ferns, forest ferns, grasses of various colours, as well as banana and salloum leaves and vines. The concept for the foliage was to begin at the front of the area with lush hues of green, and then as the customers move through the scheme, the foliage and floor vinyl become more parched and arid – which accurately follows the story line and landscape of the film. The green grasses at the front gradually fade into yellows and browns. In total, the area includes over 100 different artificial grasses, each attached to MDF scenically painted cut outs to make them secure and easy to fit around the in-store columns. The grasses alone took over 40 hours of careful design and installation.

There are also two, three-metre tall flat-topped trees which were adapted for the store environment. Adding to the immersive atmosphere, a soundscape plays jungle sound effects on a loop. In the centre a sculpted fibre-glass mound was scenically painted to look like rock and earth, and features a carved lion paw print and “Remember who you are” message – a pivotal message of the film. The customer can place their hand into the paw print as an opportunity to interact with the scheme, and post pictures on social media forums. All around the merchandise shelves, fixtures and fittings are filled with The Lion King soft toys, merchandise and gifts with grasses growing underneath fittings and leaves above fixtures also contributing to the immersive shopping experience, look and feel. A delightful shopping experience for Disney The Lion King fans!

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