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Propability recreate Frozen II Arendelle Castle at Hamleys

For the sequel to the Disney blockbuster Frozen, Hamleys commissioned Propability to bring Frozen II to life in store to support with merchandise sales. An entire Frozen area measuring 15m by 7m recreates scenes from the film as the adventures continue for Arendelle's magical Queen Elsa, her sister, Anna and everyone's favourite snowman, Olaf.

An incredible immersive environment was designed and constructed by Propability with the castle from the film reconstructed by building a huge section of the entrance to the castle together with turrets either side. The Castle fixture measures 10m wide x 3.2 m tall x 12m deep and was built at the Propability workshop before being transported and rebuilt in sections in store.

It took 6 weeks to make using a variety of different skills and craftsmen from carpenters to sculptors, metal workers and scenic painters. With only two nights to install the whole area all components were prepared as much as possible, including dressing the tree ahead of delivery to the store.
The castle was created in MDF and timber and clad with fire rated polystyrene, sculpted and coated in Jesmonite to give it a stone look and feel which was further enhanced by applying specialist scenically painted techniques. There are both exterior and interior walls recreating the actual castle in the film in as much detail as possible.

The wall bays to the Frozen area also mimic the same style with vinyl wall graphics along with two fountain cake stand fixtures for Frozen plush merchandise to be displayed. These fixtures were made from fire rated MDF, textured and scenically painted to replicate verdigris finish on the fountains in the film.
The front archway of the castle has a large Frozen II logo sign overhead along with low level walls with two bespoke lamp posts as banner holders on either side. Flickering effect lights complete the scene which were made out of steel tube and laser cut steel.

Within the walls of the castle stands a tall tree with over 130 faux autumnal branches it was dressed in thousands of leaves supplied by Propability sister company Flourish Trading. The tree was sculpted and sheathed in fire rated fibreglass and scenically painted. Hidden within the tree is an impressive mild steel structure which holds all eight large branches. Each branch holds 25 stems of autumnal leaves each stem holding hundreds of leaves. The tree took over 2 days to dress.

The perimeter wall bays within the castle walls were dressed to resemble the interior of the castle in the film with headers created especially to hold graphics. This was all created in fire rated MDF and textured to either look like stone or wood. Scenic painted treatments further accentuated the textures. Gold leaf was also used on parts of the columns to give the area a more regal look.

A phenomenal fixture and immersive retail environment that brings the products off the shelf to support merchandise sales as Frozen II comes to life in store for all fans!


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