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Stylo get creative in Vodafone's regenerated offices

Stylo were briefed by Vodafone to re-design 22 walls of their London offices. The brief consisted of leaving the corporate side of the brand behind and going for full colour and bold statements. The client’s inspiration was all based around urban street art and bold pop art style designs, how refreshing.
Although Stylo could have taken this brief and gone quite wild, they needed to find a way to incorporate Vodafone itself into each individual design.

This process started with their creative director looking into the Vodafone ethos and company values, taking key features of how the company became the UK’s most valuable brand of 2019.

Each piece of art had to have relevance, e.g. the office location, London. Being in one of the most famous and influential cities in the world and being a British born company, they decided this should be celebrated by incorporating iconic parts of the city into each design. One piece was of the iconic London tube and another had a Tower of London style Guard incorporated.

After completing the location factor, it was time to delve deeper into what core messages Vodafone try to get across to not only their consumers, but their staff too. ‘Think big’ and ‘Grow’ were included in the designs and Stylo also did a piece on ‘Pride’ to celebrate the inclusivity that the brand supports.
However, the creativity didn’t stop here. Stylo have a team of very talented installers and for this job they knew just the person to get involved. One of their installers is a keen graffiti artist and Vodafone decided to utilise Luke’s talents and allow him to get creative on top of the vinyl’s that were already installed. Whether it was enhancing the core message of the piece or coming up with ideas on the spot, his creativity was celebrated, and this is what this industry should be about - a celebration of individuality and innovation.

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