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Please don’t just take our word for it, read our members’ endorsements here:

“Being a member of SDEA immediately gives us credibility in the industry. Customers feel reassured when they see the SDEA logo on our website that we are a credible company to work with.”
Angus Morton, Head of Sales & Marketing Industrial, B Brown

“Stylo has benefited from networking with various SDEA members, and generated many leads which have led to confirmed sales. Stylo has been a member of SDEA for many years and will continue to for many more to come.”
Deborah Simpson, Sales & Marketing Director, Stylo

“We have been a member of the SDEA since we started the company over 30 years ago. Over the years we have received many leads and have converted these into many thousands of pounds worth of business. I would recommend SDEA to anyone considering joining.”
Geoff Fairfield, Managing Director, Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd

“I have been a member of the SDEA for many years, during which time I have frequently made good use of the many benefits available to members including new contacts established at the annual Meet the Buyer event, free legal advice, AA cover and the discounts available at exhibitions.”
Ronald Cohen, Director, Foxbarn Ltd

"As a member of the SDEA, we enjoy a range of benefits including extensive product search facilities; discounted prices; sales leads; numerous annual events and industry updates. We are also keen to see how the association will continue as a pioneer on such topics as Sustainability etc.
As an Executive Council member we gain the added benefit of working directly with like minded people who want to take our industry sector to the next level."

Alan Pegram, Managing Director and Founder, Global Display

“The ability to network, discuss common issues and problems with other members, plus the support of SDEA has been invaluable.”
Ronald Cohen, Director, Foxbarn Ltd

“The SDEA directory immediately gives us various companies we can work with and trust. If there are issues or opportunities in the industry the SDEA is an authority that we can immediately ask for assistance.”
Angus Morton, Head of Sales & Marketing Industrial, B Brown

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