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There are many ways in which SDEA can be of assistance to you and your business, over and above its core objectives to increase your sales and save you money.  SDEA boasts an exceptionally knowledgeable team and over 65 years’ experience of serving the retail industry and its members.

See how SDEA will assist you.

Free Legal Advice - 24 hours a day
Invaluable legal advice on a wide range of legal matters is available free to SDEA members. The 24 hour telephone helpline covers Employment & Personnel, Health & Safety, Tax, PAYE, VAT, Payroll, Landlord/Tenant and Customer/Supplier disputes, etc. plus domestic legal problems.

SDEA logo
The SDEA logo is widely marketed and widely recognised.  Customers feel reassured when they see it on members’ websites and publicity material and more and more major retailers now ask for confirmation of association membership.  By using the SDEA logo your credibility within the industry is reinforced.

PR planner
If you are planning a marketing campaign or launching a new product, the SDEA PR Planner will assist you.  This 40 page guide gives you access to over 200 retail trade publications in the UK and overseas.  It provides full contact details and lists forward features on shopfitting and display – vital for your marketing campaign.

Members’ Zone on the SDEA website
The ‘members only’ area of our website will be of great assistance to you throughout your membership.  It is where many of the SDEA benefits may be accessed.  You can update your online profile and add relevant keywords, etc. You can access the membership benefits, examine member to member offers and download archived newsletters and articles and find no end of vital information that is ‘for your eyes only’. 

We like to keep in touch and keep you up-to-date with SDEA and the industry at large. You will receive our quarterly newsletter, Shoptalk, in addition to regular mailings helping to keep you informed.

In addition, an online version entitled Shoptalk Plus is emailed to our retailers’ database helping to further promote your new products and services.

SDEA has over 65 years’ experience within the retail industry and is therefore a huge resource of information and we are more than happy to pass this on to you.

We live, breathe and think retail and are here to help you.



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